How an Agency Can Be of Help in Converting Visitors to Customers or Subscribers
Posted by optimisationagency, 12/30/2017 6:28 am

Businesses looking to grow need to focus on conversion rate optimisation. With this process, a scientific approach is used to not only optimise the site, but also to convert visitors to the site to actual paying customers or subscribers. During his American presidential campaign, Barrack Obama understood exactly how to convert individuals to his cause and had great results in doing so. In fact, his campaign managed to bring in almost 300 million email subscribers, more than 280,000 volunteers to help with the campaign and an extra $60 million in contributions. Imagine having similar success and you will see why conversion rate optimisation is so essential.

Gathering Data

In order to successfully convert visitors to customers or subscribers, data must be gathered to determine where changes can be made for increased conversions. Although data gathered through Google Analytics and other tools of this type is of great help, companies also need to speak to their customers. Learn what they like and dislike about the company and the site, what made them decide to make a purchase or subscribe and where improvements can be made. This information cannot be obtained through analyzing numbers alone.

Using the Information Obtained in the Previous Step

Analyze the data gathered to determine any patterns in purchases. See if certain things come up again and again that led to a purchase and if customers repeatedly complained about a certain thing. This provides information on what is working and where changes need to be made. Although the gathering of data and analysis of this information is a good starting point, companies find they will need to take other steps also, such as testing any changes made. For this reason, they often turn to a third party provider.

If you find you still need help in this area, don't hesitate to contact a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency to obtain CRO insights. The agency handles the above steps and more. It conducts testing to determine which changes have proven to be most effective and works to optimize revenues as well as conversions. Ongoing testing is needed to ensure any gains made won't be lost over time, and the agency also knows when to take a big risk to see excellent payoffs. Don't hesitate to call on a provider of this type, as doing so offers great results for a small investment.

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